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The second book of the Otherworld trilogy, Marvels of the Underworld, is now available for purchase!

Marvels of the Underworld doesn't have to be adapted into a movie. Because the book itself is already one."

—Clint R., Goodreads Reviewer

A sequel that lived up to and surpassed its predecessor in more ways than one."

—Jonathan Chang, Goodreads Reviewer

Was this a powerful novel? Powerful would be a bit of an understatement. Lee is an amazing author who can assume the roles of many different characters and weave their separate voices into a masterpiece.

—Christine, Goodreads Reviewer

Alexandria Richardson, princess of the Otherworld, has led a much happier life ever since first meeting her parents; that is, until her Otherworldian cousin sends for her and her three friends. The Otherworld is in imminent danger, and yet almost everyone is blind to the possibility of their likely demise. Only when a horrible tragedy strikes are they all forced to come to terms with the inevitable truth.

A determined Alexandria decides to put an end to all this. Together, she and her friends embark on an adventure to the Underworld and navigate it to steel themselves against the future battles. Impeded by the peculiar terrains and unprecedented challenges, they discover, however, that the real monsters dwell not in the sinister Underworld but rather in the hearts of their fellow Otherworldians. Hiding among them is an unnamed traitor. Will they discover the identity of the fraternizer before another misfortune befalls upon their beloved realm? Or will the dark side prevail again?

And of course, don't miss the first book of the award-winning trilogy, In the Name of the Otherworld!

— A 2021 September Literary Titan Silver Award Winner 

— 1st Place Winner in the 2021 Critters Annual Readers Poll for Best Sci-fi and Fantasy Novel / Best YA Book 

— 1st Place Winner in the 2021 Paranormal Romance Guild Reviewers' Choice Awards

Back then, before that miraculous adventure took place, I had not even the slightest inkling that everything about me, from my whimsical dreams to my relationships with others, was never a coincidence. 

Regarded as a witch and alienated by the majority of her peers, fourteen-year-old orphan Alexandria Richardson wants to be anybody but herself. However, this all changes one day, when the mysterious fountain in her school transports her and her three classmates to a world of magic- the Otherworld. The four of them are brought to the palace of the Otherworld on the rulers' orders, and the shocking truth of Alexandria's identity and parentage is revealed. As Alexandria then participates in a miraculous adventure with her companions, she explores the depths of courage, kindness, and friendship. But will she make it safely back to the Otherworld? Or will she eventually yield to her biggest enemy, someone no other than herself?

It's not just an adventure. It's a journey of growth and redemption.

A fun and impassioned paranormal adventure novel with  striking characters on a bold journey that will keep readers up late at night while they struggle to put the book down.

—  Literary Titan

A wonderful read if you are looking for a sweet, action packed, epic fantasy with a satisfying resolution that hints at a possibility of more.

— Aethena Drake from Paranormal Romance Guild

Hermione Lee's flawless writing is worth endless praise, as she paints a wonderful picture of the Otherworld and the setting of the tumultuous journey with beautiful descriptive imagery. I found myself easily lost within the descriptions that read almost like poetry.

—Amy Powers from Readers' Favorite, 5 star review

Hello! I'm Hermione Lee. For my whole life, I have dreamed of becoming an author. I began penning my first novel, In the Name of the Otherworld, in August, 2018, finished it in February 2019, and took a one-and-a-half year break to improve my craft on writing and polish my skills. Finally, I found a home for my book in January, 2021. I hope to birth more novels and short stories in the future. A more detailed introduction can be seen in the About Me section.

Why I Love Writing

Writing stories makes me feel rich inside. Very rich. Not rich in the "mountains of gold and diamonds" sense, but a genuine, spiritual kind of rich. This is not something money or numbers can measure or calculate. It's way, way beyond that. It's priceless.

To me, writing isn't simply creating stories or roaming wild in my imagination. It's an innate part of me. It's a commitment I made to myself. A pledge. A promise. It's everything. 

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I am humbled and honored to announce that my book In the Name of the Otherworld has won both Best Sci-fi and Fantasy and Best Young Adult Book in the Critters Annual Readers Poll! Congrats to all my fellow nominees, and a huge, huge thank-you to everyone who voted for me! And also thanks to Critters for hosting this contest...

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